Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy A Nursing Pillow?

Consider that the average baby weighs 8 lbs., and the average mother must lift her baby for 40 minutes per feeding eight times a day — that can be quite a workout!

This is precisely where the nursing pillow comes in. When babies are still young (less than 2 months), they need a lot of support. Breastfeeding is easier when both of you can relax! We recommend two types of pillows. The boppy is a great pillow, but consider the Nurseez for larger babies (more than 8 pounds at birth) or twins.

Why Buy A Co Sleeper?

Babies are born with their days and nights mixed up. This means that they are more alert at night. Babies can take anywhere from 2 weeks up to a month before they are actually sleeping better between the hours midnight to 8 am.

Waking up and walking across your home takes time and could allow your baby to wake up more fully than if they were right next to you by your side. If they are sleeping within “Arms Reach” you could easily just give them a little pat and get them to go back to sleep.

Why Buy A Nursing Stool?

Proper body mechanics are essential for good breastfeeding. Nursing Stools provide an elevated lap which will better position your baby for breastfeeding.

Through better positioning, nursing mothers will have less strain on their backs and necks. Unlike Ottomans, Nursing Stools are an inexpensive tool to help you better breastfeed your baby.